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Meet our lovely group of guides who will lead you through the historical streets of Providence, RI. Let them take you back to the past with tales of historic landmarks and figures of this beautiful city. You might even see a ghost or spirit on our tour!

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Courtney (AKA Ghost Mom)

After living in a deliciously haunted house in the Green Mountains of Vermont, it is wonderfully appropriate that Courtney would become a ghost tour owner!  After graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theater from the University of Rhode Island, Courtney and her friend Mike (AKA Ghost Dad who is no longer with the tour, but will always be Ghost Dad) decided to try to create a business that would bring them joy and push their creativity.  Using her amazing experience as a tour guide for the Newport Ghost Walk and personal experiences with the paranormal, Courtney and Mike decided to try their hands at creating a tour.  Courtney has been the lead guide and storyteller since the tour's inception in 2006 and is now the sole (and soul) owner of the Providence Ghost Tour.  In her spare time, Courtney enjoys hiking with her husband and dog, Baxter (the Providence Ghost Pup), taking road trips, and cooking (which is as frequently unsuccessful as it is successful).  

Wanna know a secret about Courtney?  She is a scary movie chicken and has to sleep with the lights on after watching anything that involves bumps in the night.

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