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One of the challenges telling the story of my paranormal roots is that many of the central figures to the tales, the first hand witnesses, are gone now.  Stories were handed to me when I was very young, so the dust of time has covered the words and, as I peer through the veil, might…

Rockabye Baby

In the oldest picture we have of the house, the porch was open but somewhere along the way the Vermont winters must have been excessive and someone added rattly windows. It was along the front of the house, the first thing you’d see as the car chugged up the dirt road and around the bend….

Paranormal Roots

For the past fifteen years, I’ve been creating a ghost tour.  It began with hours of research, sorting through molding records and glowing microfiche that strained my eyes.  But I could also say that it started thirty-eight years ago, on a little mountain in rural Vermont.  Ghosties, welcome to my paranormal roots. The sunlight filters…

Good Spirit Tours

Ghosts. Known as spirits, energies, entities, souls…They linger after the physical embodiment is gone, they remain when all else has moved on. The stories we tell about our ghosts center around their paranormal activity, but also around the legacy they left behind, the actions they took in their lives that write their stories. Providence Ghost…

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