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About Us

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About Providence Ghost Tour

Join us for an evening like no other! Allow our guides to lead you by lantern light and introduce you to Providence’s longest-lingering residents. As we creep in the shadows, we walk in the footsteps of local literary giants and humble servants alike, their restless souls still stirring among the living. Learn the tales that keep college students jumping out of their beds at night as we weave history and mystery into a fine tapestry of spine-tingling delight.

Tours begin at 8 p.m. May – August 31 and at 7 p.m. September 1 – December. We recommend arriving at Prospect Terrace Park 10-15 minutes before your scheduled tour so that your tour guide can check you in. Please note you are asked to provide the name under which tickets were purchased at the beginning of the tour. We recommend showing the guide your receipt as proof of purchase. You may show this on a mobile device and do not need to print anything out.

Our Roots and Our Journey

Providence Ghost Tour began as the silly idea of two friends, Courtney and Mike. Could they start a business that they loved? Could they exercise their creativity, penchant for performing, and history-nerd muscles? After nine months and endless hours of research and interviews, the tour was born on wobbly legs in 2006. That year, only a few tours set out on a route that is completely different from the route traveled today. Over the years, some ghosts have made themselves more apparent than others, others have moved on, and some ghosts popped up in new places.

Just as the tour morphed, so did the company’s ownership. Life swept Mike in a different direction (though he still checks in and will always be Ghost Dad Emeritus). Courtney (a.k.a. Ghost Mom) has sculpted the tour and refined the tales told. Now a woman-owned small business, the PGT has become an annual pilgrimage for many locals and visitors alike. Ghost Mom would like to thank the local community that has embraced this little paranormal pipe dream and allowed it to flourish for over a decade!

The Tales We Tell

Providence Ghost Tour prides itself on authenticity. The historical and paranormal research that was the foundation of the tour remains intact and integral today. Each story has been carefully scrutinized and considered before making a debut on the tour. As we’ve had personal experiences with the stops and their ghostly hosts, stories have expanded and fleshed out. Each guide has a unique relationship with each tale and each spirit, therefore each tour is its own unique experience.


All tour material, including scripts, routes, research, artwork and marketing materials, are the sole property of Providence Ghost Tour and may not be used without written permission from Providence Ghost Tour.